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The spurt in data volumes is putting pressure on existing networks to manage data traffic, increase speeds, and expand capacity. Additionally, network functionalities are being virtualized.

While newer technologies, such as 5G, NFV, are being developed to address these challenges, traditional telecom equipment vendors need to engineer NextGen networks that can deliver multi-faceted services while integrating with current ecosystems.

TCS Solution

of futuristic technologies, to creating NextGen products/solutions.

Here are some key offerings from our portfolio:

  • NFV: develop and secure VNFs, cloud platforms, and network orchestrators
  • SDN: develop differentiated SDN applications so that management can troubleshoot from a single pane
  • Wireless Infrastructure: develop 5G wireless infrastructure
  • Broadband Transport: develop optical access and transport solutions
  • Management Systems: develop NextGen multi-layer management systems for programmable and legacy networks, with self-organizing and self-healing support
  • Network Analytics: leverage machine learning and network analytics to support products, services, and customer experience


  • Accelerate launch of differentiated products and solutions
  • Optimize product life-cycle with TCS in-house tools and solution accelerators
  • Balance cost of new product development while sustaining the existing portfolio


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