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Powering your Digital Architecture Vision with Centralized Catalog

Flexible modeling and open APIs to enable mass personalization and digital experience



Mass personalization, channel experience, ecosystem play, and automation are some of the key characteristics that define a digital enterprise. For digital enterprises, a state-of-the-art product catalog is key to realizing their digital vision. However, enterprises often face an array of challenges in doing so. Whether the product catalog is comprehensive and flexible enough to support various products modeling needs is a chief concern. Another aspect is the flexibility to integrate and interwork with the existing application landscape and in-built intelligence to avoid product duplication and associated overheads


The changing technology landscape, stiffening competition, and increasingly demanding digital-savvy customers are driving enterprises to reimagine their business and operating models. To that effect, several enterprises [SS1] the world over have redefined their architecture vision with the product catalog at its core.

TCS HOBS™ Product Portfolio Management provides comprehensive and flexible modeling capabilities that allow digital enterprises to launch and maintain a diversified product portfolio efficiently. Open APIs enable mass personalization, bundling of partner products, superior channel experience, and optimal leveraging of the ecosystem.

TCS HOBS™ Product Portfolio Management is equipped with an intuitive user interface that guides the product modeler throughout the product lifecycle. Built-in intelligence helps identify redundancy in products, thereby preventing duplication proactively. The end-to-end product lifecycle process is streamlined with dynamic workflows and SLA controls. TCS HOBS™ Product Portfolio Management enables zero-touch auto federation to other systems through integration adapters, significantly improving the overall time-to-market.


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