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Data, both structured and unstructured, is fowing in from a growing number of sources. Effective data management is increasingly complex and costly—and it’s not just an IT problem. Deleting data from the production databaseputs regulatory compliance at risk. Archiving to tape means decision makers can’t access historical data for analytics.

Data managers need a way to move less critical data to an easy-access archive.

TCS Solution

A scalable, cost effective alternative to data warehouse appliances, Active Archive integrates easily with existing enterprise BI tools, schedulers, encryption standards, and alerting mechanisms. Available in hardware-plus-software or software-only packages, Active Archive features:

  • Broad support for data archival, from standard commercial RDBMS, analytic databases, and even from packaged enterprise applications.
  • Optimized storage method (Hbase, Hive, etc.) based on retention and query requirements.
  • Intuitive interface to make search and query features easy for non-technical users.
  • Detailed reports, dashboards, and audit logs for effective monitoring and activity tracking.

TCS has filed patents on the following unique features:

  • Archival solution on Hadoop
  • Resume-restart for failed archival jobs
  • Parallel data loading
  • Unstructured data search 

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