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Proximus Improves System Availability
Ivo Cools, CIO, Proximus, discusses how TCS has helped Proximus improve major business processes to streamline provisioning, reduce the number of billing complaints, and enhance service delivery, thereby driving customer satisfaction.
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Communications, Media & Technology
Technology Operations Front-office Transformation

Experience Results

Ivo talks about how TCS has reengineered their business processes, which has driven up the availability and resilience of the IT systems at Proximus. This being a critical lever for the company’s business growth, they have been able to drastically increase the end user experience for front-end applications.

Experience Partnership 

Noting TCS’ contribution to this strategic program, Ivo explains how the advanced systems and process innovations have enabled Proximus to realize its goal of ensuring the same service experience everywhere, consistently.

Experience Leadership 

Calling TCS as one of the few mature partners that Proximus engages with, Ivo feels TCS is a major global IT player that offers the right mix of advanced applications, sophisticated tools, and strategic methodologies and approaches. 

Ivo says, “TCS played the major role in this converged IT journey for the last 16 years. We selected TCS on their industry knowledge, their growth mindset and ambition for quality.”

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