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Proximus PLC Rationalizes IT Landscape

Consolidates IT silos after merger, by transitioning Java applications to Oracle Siebel 

Proximus PLC
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Proximus faced challenges in streamlining sales processes after merger.

Belgium-based telecom provider Proximus PLC was looking to create a seamless IT environment after its merger with Belgacom, under the brand name ’Proximus’.

Earlier, the companies offered distinct service portfolios with Proximus dealing solely in mobile services, and Belgacom offering fixed-line services and leveraging Proximus’ network to offer mobile services. Post-merger, this led to a highly fragmented IT environment, adding complexity to the sales process.

Different applications were required for standalone mobile capabilities and fixed-line services. This increased sales overheads as executives needed access to a variety of applications to serve a single customer. IT maintenance was also cumbersome, resulting in additional capex and opex for each application stack.



TCS built a ‘One Selling’ platform to Integrate sales processes

TCS has been a preferred partner to Proximus for more than 18 years now, ensuring service excellence across BSS, OSS, network engineering, and finance verticals. For this project, TCS drew expertise from its years of experience in Oracle Siebel Enterprise implementations.

Proximus’ existing mobile order stack used Java applications, developed in-house. TCS leveraged Oracle Siebel Sales and Order Management to standardize and integrate disparate in-house applications into a unified, ‘One Selling’ platform for Proximus. This included next-gen features such as contextual order entry, UI-based flows utilizing Siebel Open UI, auto-resolution of intra-product rules, and scripts-based business process standardization.

As part of TCS’ EAS Oracle CRM/Cx Delivery, we enabled seamless migration of legacy applications and all associated customer and service data, to the Oracle suite. The ordering value chain was fine-tuned, reducing the number of clicks to sale. With a pre-configured product selection mechanism, sales executives could mitigate telecom catalog complexities, improving end-customer experience. 


Proximus simplified sales processes and enhanced user experience

TCS helped Proximus PLC action a fully integrated app environment after a major M&A move. IT complexities decreased significantly, allowing executives to better interact with customers and drive product sales; guided ordering flows helped decrease training costs. Not only that, Proximus was able to drastically reduce the turnaround time when adding new products to the sales portfolio.



average handling time


Clicks by users


Sales users on-boarded without disrupting business continuity

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