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”The team of TCS, our system integrator for CCTNS, have worked diligently and sincerely in rolling out the revamped citizen portal and citizen services in Pol-App, and I am thankful to all of them.”

– P Prakash IPS, Inspector General of Police, South Zone & Nodal Officer CCTNS, Kerala




Kerala Police wanted to minimize the time to respond to citizens' emergency calls.

Good policing is integral to building a society where citizens feel safe and protected. In addition to law enforcement, police departments must also ensure round the clock availability and a swift response to citizens’ requests for intervention.

The police department of the south Indian state of Kerala wanted to eliminate the various manual processes involved in the delivery of citizen services and shorten its emergency response time. Although the department offered a range of information and safety services, citizens were unable to avail of these because of the decentralized system architecture at the backend, which resulted in poor user experience and a high turnaround time.

The police department wanted to digitalize the existing manual workflow in order to reduce the execution time of various service requests.

TCS designed a comprehensive transformation strategy for the citizen service portal.

Recognizing its strong delivery experience and extensive digital innovation capabilities, Kerala Police chose to partner with TCS to completely overhaul their emergency response mechanism and citizen service delivery framework.

The first step in this IT modernization initiative was to convert the monolithic applications into microservices and container-based applications that are easier to manage and a lot more efficient. TCS used the Strangler Pattern to incrementally transform these applications and replace existing features with new services. After redesigning the framework architecture, TCS digitized the workflows of various services such as women and child services, senior citizen services, and so on. An emergency response system was developed which was integrated with the central Emergency Response Support System (ERSS) of India, which provided visibility to all stakeholders and allowed for monitoring at the individual police station level.

The digital solution implemented by TCS comprised a portal as well as a mobile app (on both iOS and Android) for ease of access. Citizens can initiate requests online and monitor their progress at the click of a button and expect resolutions in a reasonable time. The mobile app offers around 35 state-of-the-art services including citizen services, women and child services, information services, and so on.

With a much shorter response time to citizens’ requests, Kerala Police is enjoying the fruits of digitalization. 

In keeping with the state government’s vision to make Kerala a truly digital state, the police department has digitalized the entire process of delivering information and safety services to its citizens. The centralized database ensures veracity and availability of information and the microservices-based architecture enables seamless and timely service delivery.

The upgraded Thuna portal, accessible through web, mobile app, and eSeva kiosks, has reinforced the Kerala Police Department’s image as a strong law and order enforcement agency that is at the service of citizens round the clock.

A long-term IT partner to the state, TCS has helped the Kerala Police strengthen its service portfolio through this engagement, paving the way for complete digital transformation.


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