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Paid Family and Medical Leave (PFML) is a program that provides paid benefits to individuals needing time off for critical life events such as medical emergencies, bonding with a new child, or caring for a family member faced with medical issues. Although currently required only in ten states, similar legislation is being contemplated by at least 28 other states in the US – a trend accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic.




The Challenge

The pandemic has served as one of the biggest disruptors as well as accelerators in the public benefits sector by driving home the importance of timely, accurate, and secure program services. Affordable, reliable and resilient technology systems as well as scalable program administration models are critical for governments to be able to successfully serve their constituents.

State agencies have faced challenges in administering Paid Family and Medical Leave programs. These challenges have only been compounded by the COVID-19 pandemic which resulted in unprecedented claim loads and security concerns. In addition to facing difficulties while attempting to implement PFML programs in compliance with legislative requirements and within the stipulated timeframe, states were challenged by security concerns as public benefit programs became soft targets for fraudulent activity.  The staffing challenges and security concerns were further complicated by technology solutions not designed to handle the drastic increase in service demand, resulting in delays for constituents and security concerns for state agencies. Concerns around integrity, timely service and the long-term stability of PFML programs have diminished public trust in states’ ability to provide benefits to their constituents.

TCS Solution

TCS offers technology and program administration solutions to address the long- and short-term challenges state agencies are facing in the PFML space.  TCS has designed a fully integrated, scalable, cloud solution that holistically addresses all aspects of a PFML program – tax, benefits, appeals, reporting, and accounting. Based on in-depth research of the various laws and regulations governing PFML programs across various states in the US, TCS’ solution is specifically configurable and comprises a range of purpose-built features. The solution’s self-service features make it easy to adopt and simple to use.  Equipped with robotics and AI, TCS’ solution helps minimize manual effort, while allowing agencies to quickly scale up operations in case of increased claim loads and continuously monitor and prevent fraudulent activity.  The solution’s easily configurable features help states shorten the implementation timelines and timely begin program administration.

Additionally, TCS provides end-to-end program administration services by staff that is knowledgeable in premiums collections, claims intake and adjudication, tracking and ensuring recoupment, and more. Our 24x7 contact center resolves inquiries and addresses concerns, further enabling the smooth running of state PFML programs.


TCS offers end-to-end PFML program administration services – these can be provided in their entirety or in part, based on the state agency’s requirements. Ensuring a full range of services for contributions, benefits, overpayments, and auditing, TCS’ services utilize next-gen technologies to increase process efficiency and reduce waste. TCS is also ready with a team of PFML experts to provide full program administration services, including collection and tracking of premiums and accurate and timely benefits to its constituents. TCS’ PFML solution and allied services offer:


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