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The Challenge

The increasing demand for sustainable packaging, the rate of change in consumer and regulatory expectations, and radical industry transformation are placing new operational demands on the paper and packaging industry. Spiraling raw material and operational costs further add to the challenges in planning, sourcing, warehousing, and logistics. Adopting new technologies, revamping pricing models, and enabling new producer and distributor collaboration help organizations go digital at a faster rate.

TCS Solution

The TCS Accelerated Solution Deployed in SAP (ASDS) offers industry-specific enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions to power operations in the paper and packaging industry. By maximizing the potential of SAP S/4HANA, it helps paper and packaging organizations embrace emerging scenarios, enable seamless integration with applications, and build a digital core. Backed by TCS experts on SAP S/4HANA, the solution reimagines operations for packaging industry processes. We leverage smart contract functionality in blockchain to create proofs of concept (PoC) for tracking and tracing across the product life cycle. Partner with TCS to unlock the value in existing ERP systems to meet the demands of digital packaging.


Paper and packaging companies can realize the following benefits with TCS’ offering:

  • Up to 20% reduction in implementation time 

  • Simplified solution customization

  • Reduced total cost of ownership 

  • Efficient and risk-free implementation

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