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Organizations today are transforming their business models and IT processes. They are accelerating the pace of adoption of agile methodologies, DevOps, and lean principles to deliver software faster and better. At the forefront of this transformation journey is the Quality Assurance (QA) and testing function, as a source of competitive differentiation and strategic advantage.

TCS Solution

TCS deploys a multi-dimensional approach to successfully transform QA and achieve competitive advantage. Our innovative solutions, frameworks, ready-to-use tools, rich knowledge, and experienced consultants, assure a best-in-class transformational journey. This includes:

  • A partnership approach to transformation starting with defining the vision for end state QA to a carefully calibrated implementation roadmap

  • TIARA™ (TCS Integrated Assessment Framework for Assurance), the leading edge QA process maturity assessment and benchmarking methodology

  • Advice on next generation funding models such as self-funding and pay-per-use

  • In-depth assessment, definition, and roll-out of process framework, metrics framework, automation framework, and organizational change management (OCM)

  • Strategies for QA, test automation and tool, test data and environment, and digital assurance


  • Strong governance framework structure

  • Consistent test effectiveness of 95% and above

  • 25% effort savings through test data optimization

  • 20% effort savings through test design optimization

  • >US $2million savings through global delivery

  • 60% automation of system test execution

  • 90% reduction in test preparation time

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