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Qantas Capitalizes on IT Trends with TCS

TCS strategizes continual productivity and IT improvements for diversified operations.

Travel, Transportation, and Hospitality
Full services portfolio

Qantas needed to realign IT systems to map to business goals and gain a leading edge.

Qantas has built a reputation for excellence in customer service, safety, operational reliability as well as engineering and maintenance. Their image is largely dependent on their ability to innovate and deliver world-class customer service.

To remain competitive, they needed to ensure that their IT systems and business processes were more efficient, flexible, and reliable. They also aimed to improve the return on their IT investments.

consulting, and innovation.


TCS delivers innovative IT to save Qantas time and resources across its multiple business lines.

Since 2006, TCS has impacted Qantas’ critical applications for airports, engineering, freight, loyalty, corporate, catering, and customer enablement. We served as consultants, business analysts, and testers for large programs. Our team ensured greater system stability through advanced operational control measures, periodic training, and internal audits.

and migrated their mission critical, legacy Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO) system to a new Web-based program.

We partnered in the development and maintenance of their airline passenger booking, freight, and loyalty systems, and manage in-flight services, crew, and airport operations applications.

“We use technology in innovative ways to maintain our leadership.”

Captain Alex Passerini, Technical Pilot Technology Development, Qantas

TCS developed the QPilot app for iPads to empower pilots with simple and efficient access to operational information, eliminating bulky charts, flight plans, manuals, and forms.

We provided infrastructure and hosting services with 24x7 service management. We enabled the revamp and internationalization of, and developed, and are responsible for ensuring their 100% availability.

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