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Whenever an enterprise embarks on a transformation program, the seamless integration of artificial intelligence (AI) with all the processes becomes integral to its success. However, AI implementation and adoption pose a unique set of challenges and complexities as all AI algorithms and their outcomes need to be validated during the process. Moreover, rationalizing the outcomes and decisions of these AI models is difficult. To address this conflict of broad proliferation and the need for explaining the rationale of a decision, enterprises require a quality engineering solution that can build, validate, and deploy AI models for them with minimum disruptions.

TCS Solution

TCS’ SmartQE AI Studio is an intelligent, machine-led platform that can test AI applications and help infuse AI for testing purposes. It is integrated with leading machine learning platforms and NLP engines with end-to-end capabilities that support training and testing of conversational systems. The studio includes:

Quality engineering for AI-enabled services

Gives businesses the confidence that AI systems are making right decisions. Its key features are:

  • Conversational system testing
  • Data validation
  • Model/algorithm validation
  • Functional and E2E chatbot testing
  • Data bias detection

AI-enabled quality engineering services

Provides superior AI-powered services across the release life cycle of applications and solutions. It comes with:

  • Defect prediction
  • NLP and ANN-led test suite optimization
  • Duplicate test case elimination
  • Duplicate defect analysis
  • Automation failure analysis
  • Automated defect triaging
  • Automated root cause analysis

SmartQE AI Studio use case acceleration

The solution addresses development-related issues, and helps businesses focus on fixing the most urgent business problems. The solution provides the right AI ecosystem to build models and perform data transformation activities. With SmartQE AI Studio, businesses can build a spectrum of use cases across the life cycle of an application


With TCS SmartQE AI Studio, enterprises across the globe can drive optimization across the quality engineering services and improve the overall quality of work. The platform delivers the following benefits:

  • Brings down testing efforts by 40% using AI-led quality engineering and AI in test automation
  • Saves more than 60% effort in chatbot test automation 
  • Reduces effort spent on integrating and implementing machine learning use cases by 60%
  • Reduces manual effort spent on automation failure analysis by up to 80% 
  • Simplifies AI adoption for QE processes
  • Accelerates QE cycles by delivering instant feedback to DevOps teams

TCS Advantage

TCS believes in delivering industry-leading solutions and seamless transformation experience to clients. By joining hands with TCS, enterprises can leverage:

  • Flexible, modular solution: Our flexible, outcome-driven platform is tool agnostic and modular with ability to deliver AI testing services
  • Intelligent platform: TCS SmartQE AI Studio is an adaptive solution that provides an intellectual edge by incorporating AI/ML capabilities
  • Market leaders in QE: TCS is recognized as a pioneer in leveraging AI in QE space 
  • Innovation-led approach: TCS has extensive R&D experience and dedicated labs to support emerging technologies
  • Robust ecosystem: Our convivial solution comprises best-in-class tools to drive superior QE

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