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Vimal Anand
Global Head
20 March 2019

Adoption of digital technologies has led organizations to have omni channel reach to end users increasing business volumes exponentially. This has been rightly enabled by ever expanding end user ecosystem, such as increasing usage of personal devices, social integration, etc,. The scale of opportunities presented to these organizations comes with a demanding ask to upkeep customer proximity by assuring superior experience.

Quality Assurance of Customer Satisfaction from the usage of digital application goes beyond functional testing expanding to cover non-functional paramters such as performance, compatibility, usability, security, and accessibility that impact the way users interact with the application.  Assuring these facets requires a nimble model with core dimensions of being Intelligent, Agile, Automated, and On Cloud, embracing Quality Engineering processes to  assess, assure and optimize the Customer Experience quality – first time right, every time. 

Application of  Intelligence, Agile, Automated and On Cloud to Quality Engineering Processes to assure Customer Experience  

  • Intelligence to analyze user analytics to optimize quality of CX – Analytics solution have been instrumental in reflecting usage pattern in context to business process and is becoming a ‘must have’ for digital programs. But data becomes voluminous containing various trends over a period of time. The missing element today is the ability to apply Intelligence to identify dip in business goal and correlate with issues in customer experience. There are ample investment in this space where technology partners are applying Artificial Intelligence through automated algorithms that are intelligent to analyze end-user behavioral data (e.g. page level exit/bounce rates, user inflow, average time spent) in context to predefined business goals (e.g. conversion rate – guests to subscribers, user visit to order) to  identify the Customer Experience quality impediments. For example webpage involved as a part of ordering process with higher user bounce rates and abnormal page load time can indicate symptom of performance issues.

  • Agile model to assess CX quality with evolving market insights: Assessing CX quality of a digital applications require an agile execution model that can gauge CX maturity against changing market insights (for example, browser’s market share in a Geo, application performance of similar apps in industry). These insights will enable enterprises with outside-in view on Customer Experience maturity of their digital apps in context to their industry (Performance benchmark for a content heavy media application will be different than an online retail app) and what matters the most to its end user (Prioritize issue on browser compatibility most popular browser in the geo). Hence it is recommended that organization embrace agile model that will frequently assess customer satisfaction with superior experience with due considerations to dynamic market trends, apply enhancement and re-evaluate feedback  so that they stay connected with their users while staying ahead of their peers.

  • Automated execution to evaluate various facets impacting CX Quality: Apps and operating systems on our mobile and web devices receive frequent upgrades/updates. This means that the software releases should have the right Quality Assurance processes to validate Customer Experience across the channels involving assorted, evolving software ecosystem (e.g. browser-OS combinations, UI technologies) and hardware (e.g. mobile devices, wearable). It is critical to embrace “machine -led quality engineering solutions” that encompass set of tools integrated with execution ecosystem to test for various usage patterns.

  • ‘On Cloud’ model to enable ‘On-Demand’ Usage – Assurance of Customer Experience becomes CapEx heavy with upfront investment on diverse tools, devices, and infrastructure. This is topped by huge spend on maintenance involving regular additions of newer devices, browser versions, network conditions, etc,. Hence clients are looking for partners who can offer a hosted setup with right toolsets, along with ability to dynamically provision `necessary infrastructure. As a case in point a customer who would want to execute a compatibility test is looking at subscription-based engagement model with ability to host automation scripts ‘On Cloud’ and dynamically provisioned virtual machines, with varied right browser-OS combinations to run the tests rather than to maintain static infrastructure. They not only eliminate the traditional barriers of upfront tool license procurement and infrastructure setup, but also, enable a sustainable ecosystem that can live up-to changing requirements.

To summarize, digital programs are primed at assuring a unique experience to customers on interaction with their applications thereby making them to be promoters of their brand. The quest to accomplish this objective surpasses various hurdles like diverse market demands, assure multi-faceted quality parameters, evolving hardware & software with evergreen cost pressures on business. Clients are looking at Quality Engineering partners who can work on common goals towards assuring Customer Experience quality through subscription based platforms with ability to  harness the advantage of being Intelligent, Agile, Automate and On Cloud so that they can – stay ahead of their industry peers, deliver highest payout and optimize experience with evolving market demands.


About the author(s)
Vimal Anand
Global Head

Vimal Anand V. is a Quality Engineering Practitioner with TCS' Quality Engineering and Transformation Practice. With more than 15 years of experience, he has worked with customers to design quality engineering strategies, and implement quality services for customer experience initiatives. An assurance professional with expertise in test engineering and automation solutions, he has worked in a range of roles from test engineer to quality consultant. He has been instrumental in building solutions for customer experience quality driving business outcomes.