Investing in asset classes like real-estate, artwork, or jewelry calls for a level of financial commitment beyond the reach of all but the wealthiest, high-net worth investors. Access to capital has always been a challenge for small and medium players in the traditional marketplace. Tokenization, a streamlined blockchain based approach to asset securitization, is simplifying and making investments in these assets more accessible. Tokenization enables people to invest directly into high-value assets within the umbrella of the individual’s financial strength and without being obliged to go through the entire chain of intermediaries.

Institutions are leveraging blockchain technology to offer next-gen services around tokenized securities, including KYC/AML, token issuance, order management, matching, atomic settlement, crypto custody, digital asset servicing, general meeting services and trade surveillance. Investors benefit from a choice of settlement in fiat currencies, cryptocurrencies, stable coins or any digital currencies, thus gaining from both liquidity and flexibility. Moreover, tokenization of assets is leading the way towards “smart contracts” that is replacing expensive and time-consuming business processes such as property transfers and requests.

Quartz brings to you Smart Solutions for Capital Markets:

  • Re-imagining Trade Settlements on Blockchain - The Settlements facilitates Delivery versus Payment (DvP) settlement of tokenized assets held on the ledger, with each organization operating as nodes thereby ensuring increased transparency and immutability of data. The solution comes with Smart Contracts that enable validation and matching of off market trades as well as real-time, final, irrevocable settlement of these assets on the distributed ledger.
  • Corporate Actions Announcements - The Smart Solution for Announcements enables corporate actions announcements distribution on the blockchain. A private, permissioned distributed ledger ecosystem can be set up with the depository (CSD), the issuer and other participants as connecting nodes. The technology ensures real-time information dissemination among the nodes in the ecosystem, alongside facilitating data immutability and security through tamper-proof ledgers and consistency in communication with stakeholders. 
  • General Meeting Services on Blockchain - Our Cloud ready, Blockchain-enabled ‘General Meeting Services’ solution from Quartz – The Smart Ledgers provides a real-time digital view for shareholders, while also streamlining the operational processes involved in conducting such events – introducing automation right from the set-up of the AGM, collection and consolidation of votes, to real-time computation and dissemination of voting results on closure. The tamperproof ledger ensures sanctity of votes cast, and the technology ensures real-time access to the stakeholders. 
  • Quartz for Markets - Designed to help exchanges, depositories, central banks, payment infrastructures, private banks, custodians and issuers, offer end-to-end next generation services around tokenized securities, and drive their future growth. The solution offers a comprehensive set of services for managing tokenized securities, such as token issuance, custody, secondary market trading including order management, matching atomic settlement and surveillance, as well as digital asset servicing including eVoting/General meeting services. 

We, at Quartz, are continuously innovating and look to bring to you solutions for Surveillance, Tokenizations and many more. Watch this space for more updates. For a demo on Quartz, please reach out to us at

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