The Corporate Actions Announcements space is fraught with multiple challenges, including delays in the receipt and dissemination of information, the possibility of data being tampered, plurality of messaging formats and standards for communication, presence of too many intermediaries, and duplication of tasks performed across multiple systems in the value chain. As a result, market infrastructure organizations face problems of late payments, significant financial losses, and regulatory penalties, leading to a poor customer experience. 

The Smart Solution for Announcements enables corporate actions announcements distribution on the blockchain. A private, permissioned distributed ledger ecosystem can be set up with the depository (CSD), the issuer and other participants as connecting nodes. The technology ensures real-time information dissemination among the nodes in the ecosystem, alongside facilitating data immutability and security through tamper-proof ledgers and consistency in communication with stakeholders.

The solution comes with the following features:

  • Location/market specific attributes along with access eligibilities for distribution
  • Issuers/Issuer agents, CSDs, information vendors or the custodians can be the publishing nodes for the corporate actions announcements information
  • Custody systems in different geographies can participate in the network as nodes. Additionally, larger institutional clients of the custodians can also be brought in as nodes on the network
  • Entities like Foreign Issuers/ Foreign Custodians/ Foreign CSDs can also be part of the network
  • Smart contracts define which entity would be responsible for event information at a market/issuer/ISIN level
  • Eligibility criteria and rules will make sure the data is available only to authorized nodes. Each of the participants will have restricted access to their ledgers based on their eligibility
  • Supports ISO 20022 & ISO 15022 messages to capture the event information for equities, fixed income and related asset classes


  • Instantaneous availability of corporate actions announcements information for all connecting nodes
  • High quality information with a complete history of each announcement
  • Golden source of information at one place eliminating the need for reconciliation of data and providing consistent 
  • Cost savings due to reduction in use of messages
  • Ensures data integrity with cryptographic encryption of data, making it immutable
  • Gateway provides easy connectivity to the blockchain ecosystem, thus facilitating collaboration
  • Flexible hosting options – Cloud/ On-premise to suit changing business needs

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