Crypto assets are becoming increasing popular amongst investors. While many still view this as an alternate asset, an accelerated adoption of these by both retail and institutional investors clearly indicates that crypto assets are set to become mainstream. In order to ride this wave, banks and financial institutions have expanded their offerings to include this hitherto niche asset class.  These regulated financial institutions are in need of a robust, flexible and functionally rich solution to manage crypto assets for their customers, in order to facilitate portfolio diversification and provide investment avenues. 

Crypto Services 

Smart Solutions for Crypto Services is an end-to-end, integrated and secure crypto custody and transaction processing solution for banks and financial institutions. With Crypto Services, financial entities can streamline crypto asset transfer by seamless integration with multiple public blockchains like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash etc. The solution provides connectivity with multiple crypto exchanges and OTC Desks to enable the smooth buying and selling of crypto assets. 

The solution provides the following features:

  • API Based Integration with Banking/Position Keeping Applications: The solution offers simple REST APIs to connect with existing banking/custody/position keeping solutions and uses different channels to make for  a seamless experience for customers, providing them with a real-time view of their digital and traditional assets
  • Secure Key Storage and Governance: The solution allows secure storage of private keys on HSM devices with multi signature authorization for key governance, thereby providing enterprise grade secure custody for end customers
  • Connectivity with Multiple Trading Venues: Solution adapters enable connectivity to various Exchange Venues, Order Execution Management Systems (OEMS) and Liquidity Providers (OTC) thereby facilitating best execution for crypto trades
  • Safeguards Against Fraudulent Transactions: Solution screens each blockchain transaction with an external wallet address through blockchain forensic tools to safeguard from financial crimes


  • Ready connectivity to public blockchains, HSM devices and select marketplaces to launch digital asset custody and transaction services
  • Flexible hosting options – Cloud/ On-premise to suit changing business needs. The solution is also available in a multi-tenant SaaS model and can also be white-labelled to personalize services as per requirements
  • Supports both omnibus and segregated wallets. Possesses the flexibility to configure custody models based on jurisdictions and asset types
  • TCS’ rich experience in custody and banking in multiple geographies has ensured that Quartz solutions are tailor made to meet the needs of typical, regulated financial entities  
  • Smooth integration with third-party banking and custody systems as well as with TCS BaNCS solutions
  • Facilitates seamless administration and monitoring of the ecosystem through the Command Center

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