The global economy is set to increasingly draw on the power of business ecosystems and requires organizations to upskill in order to draw on benefits from the adoption of emerging technologies like blockchain. Developers of blockchain applications need to be aware of the data structure for the ledger, validations involved, functions to be implemented, in addition to having programming expertise on the specific language (GoLang/Kotlin/Solidity etc). Shortage of these crucial skills can become a limiting factor for organizations that are looking to implement blockchain technology in their business landscape.

To address these challenges, we have invested in creating a browser-based developer toolkit, DevKit which provides an integrated development environment to develop smart contracts and deploy them onto the target blockchain platform. This tool enables developers with limited or no blockchain platform specific know-how to code business logic for the blockchain since it allows programming using a Java based approach with the toolkit managing the code generation and deployment of the code based on the protocols of the underlying platform. The comprehensive code library, built with TCS’ extensive experience across domains, enables rapid development using pre-built components that handle a wide range of typical business requirements across industry domains. 

The DevKit also comprises a standard set of architectural features covering security, data privacy, access controls, user management, audit trails and logging framework,  represented as Foundation Components. Using DevKit’s pre-built components for platform setup, administration and deployment, platform security authentication, encryption, and node as well as identity and user management, programmers can write smart contracts 40% faster.


  • Faster turnaround time from development to deployment - in a matter of weeks
  • Multi-platform support (Supports Hyperledger Fabric, R3/Corda, Ethereum)
  • Predictable, robust and high-quality code with Built-in Software Quality Assurance
  • Quickly prototype, build, test, and deploy blockchain solutions
  • Rapid deployment of high quality blockchain apps, improved productivity and business scale
  • Agile Development Methodology and Metadata driven Standardized Development Practices

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