The introduction of blockchain into an ecosystem implies that it needs to integrate all connecting systems or nodes to enable a handshake and coexistence of existing systems with blockchain and also allow for seamless interfacing with other blockchain networks and standard messaging networks to ensure interoperability and compliance with data standards. In the absence of such an approach, enterprises would need to deal with significant challenges in rolling out services.

Gateway is a single, smart channel that can help integrate applications with various blockchain platforms, industry networks and ecosystems using simple REST APIs. Using the Gateway, organizations can connect seamlessly to multiple blockchain platforms, thereby eliminating the need for large scale and continuous changes to be made to their existing systems. It facilitates interoperability between blockchains and with other messaging networks, and industry standards like ISO. It also supports orchestration of services across multiple blockchain platforms thus delivering agility and flexibility to organizations operating diverse business processes. 

The Gateway’s Command Center module helps a blockchain sponsor to administer and maintain oversight of the entire blockchain network. It provides a comprehensive visual representation of all the activities taking place within the blockchain ecosystem at any point in time, and allows the system administrator of the sponsor to make key decisions when administering the network.


  • Enables coexistence of existing systems with blockchain
  • Enables firms to connect to various platforms in a faster and efficient manner
  • The solution brings together third-party solutions, legacy applications and messaging middleware in a connected ecosystem
  • Offers audit features for all the messages and API service requests that are received and processed

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