The process of screening profiles, conducting background checks, verifying documents, and bringing new joiners onboard can be cumbersome and lengthy. This applies to not just recruitment but also talent management where performance evaluation, compensation, promotions, learning, and development come into the picture making processes even more complicated and time consuming. 

Blockchain-based solutions can facilitate faster and more accurate background checks with quick verification of proof of education and work history among others. Blockchain’s decentralized nature holds the potential to eliminate fraud by not just allowing job seekers to create a digital profile for themselves but also permitting employers to verify the accreditation of potential hires within minutes or hours at most, thereby eliminating the massive amount of time and effort spent on this process.

We, at Quartz, are continuously innovating and look to bring to you solutions for Talent Management and many more. Watch this space for more updates. For a demo on Quartz, please reach out to us at

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