Blockchain technology is increasingly being seen as a foundational technology, with businesses across industry domains looking to leverage it in driving digital transformation. Blockchain can help in the creation of connected ecosystems to manage business processes and collaborate with multiple stakeholders in a safe and transparent manner. However certain challenges can prevent organizations from adopting this technology at scale – especially the continuous and rapid evolution of the technology and the shortage of skilled resources who can understand the intricacies of multiple blockchain platforms. These challenges can lead to potential delays in launching new business services on blockchain.

Ledgers aims to address this challenge by providing solution components that can help organizations accelerate the introduction of blockchain in their business landscape. It enables organizations to download a pre-built boilerplate on blockchain technology, onto which a full-fledged solution can be bootstrapped. It provides customers with the flexibility to customize or enhance business functions.

The Ledgers comprise of predefined, off-the-shelf ledger structures, data models, functions and APIs for business processes across industries. It comes with various licensing options to extend and enhance the business solution to create tailor-made solutions based on varying customer needs. The solution components enable customers to develop and deploy blockchain solutions seamlessly within rapid timeframes of a few weeks.   

Using the Ledgers, organizations can reuse Ledger Structures, Foundational Components and Smart Contracts, ensuring organizations to have the flexibility to develop custom off-chain solutions, and still go to market quickly by reducing the development time by at least 60%.


  • Provides a unique co-creation experience for organizations 
  • Faster and cheaper MVP generation, prototyping process and application deployment thereby providing a jump start for blockchain implementation 
  • Reduces the need for vendor-backed customization and helps utilize in-house developers
  • Reduces the dependency on market pool for skilled blockchain developers  
  • Availability of foundation components (Business functions, APIs, Rules), integration components combined with the capability to create new ledger functions, business functions and smart contracts
  • Pre-built capabilities ensure 60-70% coverage of the on-chain functions  
  • Integrated code quality analyzers for various Blockchain platforms

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