Blockchain, is undeniably one of the biggest disruptions for today’s business and is making inroads into virtually every industry.

It is being explored in areas as varied as digital identities and registries, payments, settlements, information exchange, trade finance, e-Governance, healthcare, insurance, supply chain, provenance of commodities, music, art, among others.

Blockchain has the power to bring organizations together by creating ecosystems that amplify the value delivered by each on a stand-alone basis.


The Quartz, The Smart Ledgers are targeted at helping organizations across multiple domains leverage blockchain meaningfully for their businesses.

Quartz, The Smart Ledgers comprises:

  • Quartz DevKit - A Smart contract development kit that enables the development of high quality code for different mainstream Blockchain technologies
  • Quartz Gateway and Command Center- To enable the seamless integration of existing applications with blockchain ecosystem(s)/network(s) and to facilitate their administration and governance
  • Quartz Smart Solutions - ‘Designed for Blockchain’ business solutions
  • Quartz Ledgers - Off-the-shelf ledger structures, functions and APIs for business processes across various domains, to enable solutions to be quickly built around them

Quartz Brochure:


Quartz Use Cases: BaNCS Industry Network | Contract Authoring | Settlements | Cross Border Remittances | Reward Points | Corporate Actions Announcements | Crypto Services | Digital Guarantee | Interbank Ledgers

Quartz Magazine #1Shared Ledgers, Shared Stories | The Future will be Tokenized | Reward Points | Shareholder Meetings in the Post COVID World  

Quartz PoVs: At the Intersection between Industries | Networks and Ecosystems | Token Regulations - Paving way for the STO Growth Phase


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