Cryptocurrencies and other digital assets have seen exponential growth as alternative assets in investors’ portfolios. Yet the growth of cryptocurrencies as an asset class will be severely constrained without public trust in the robustness of safety and security of the infrastructure. Most investors are still apprehensive about having to depend on third-party wallet providers for private key storage, on relatively unknown crypto exchanges for transaction security, and on highly complex processes for integrating cryptocurrencies with mainstream financial holdings.

Banks and regulators have taken notice of both the excitement and the concerns over cryptocurrencies. Around the world, regulators are starting to show support for financial industry involvement in cryptocurrencies, which makes the situation highly conducive for banks and financial institutions to facilitate Crypto Asset Management on behalf of mainstream customers.

Building a robust offering for crypto/digital asset management and trading services will require financial institutions to overcome the technical challenges involved with integrating multiple public blockchains into existing core banking platforms.

Read how Quartz has developed a robust, flexible and functionally rich foundation to manage crypto assets.


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