Pay-by Proxy is becoming increasingly popular today due to the security and convenience it provides to Payers. In this approach, an alias such as a National Identifier/Email id linked to the customer’s Account information, is sufficient to make payments. Payers need not enter the Payee Bank account details in order to make a payment, thus simplifying the payment initiation process and reducing the potential for erroneous payments to a different bank account number. Pay-by Proxy is not only a convenient way of making payments but also protects the privacy of customers in terms of ensuring that critical bank account information is not exposed externally.

The Proxy Resolution solution from Quartz comprises a private permissioned blockchain ecosystem which Banks can connect to in order to enable secure payment transactions for their end customers. The solution ensures that sensitive personal financial information is protected, while ensuring at the same time that payment transactions can be initiated without the need for retail customers/Payers to know the complete bank account information of Payees. Smart Contracts on the blockchain handle business rules and validations such as ensuring for example that a Proxy is active in the system with a valid identifier etc. In addition, blockchain helps ensure immutability of transactions, and can enable better dispute management since the complete audit trail is maintained on the ledger. The solution also supports Proxy Blacklisting -  a process that allows Banks to bar a Proxy from being eligible to receive payments. 

BankservAfrica, a South African payment infrastructure provider, is deploying the Proxy Resolution solution from Quartz along with the introduction of a next-generation, easy-to-use, real-time payment system.

The Pay-by-Proxy functionality will enable end customers to make payments using a proxy alias such as a mobile number. Behind the scenes, proxy resolution services will obtain bank account details and initiate payments using a request-to-pay mechanism. The decentralized, distributed architecture of Quartz supports these capabilities with a secure, realtime, and scalable solution for retail payments that ensures data privacy and confidentiality of critical personal financial information.

Quartz enables easy integration of blockchain with the existing systems of the Payment Infrastructure Operator and the Banks for Enlisting, Delisting and Blacklisting of proxies. The Gateway exposes simple REST APIs which can be invoked by participating Banks, thereby reducing the need for any large scale changes to integrate with blockchain.


  • Protection of sensitive personal financial information of end customers
  • Convenient way of making payments – end customers need not know the beneficiaries’ bank and account information
  • Better Dispute Handling for Banks due to availability of Audit Trail/ Transaction log 
  • Supports different models for Proxy Resolution - resolving Account details on blockchain or routing Resolution requests to the respective Banks or Third Party
  • Real time availability of information such as updates to Proxy information without impacting the underlying transactions.
  • Data Privacy through Smart Contracts to ensure that each Bank has access only to their transactions

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