Reward points and loyalty programs help retain customers and reduce costs of customer acquisition. Personalized experiences make customers feel that their choice of brands knows them well and rewards points are an effective way to prove this. Reward points help further incentivize further spends through utilization of these points. However due to lack of fungibility of its usage, redeemable only with the issuing organization and cumbersome processes, customers tend to lose out on the excitement element and are likely to look for alternatives.

Businesses have started adopting blockchain technology to address these, where issuers of the reward points, acquirers and the payment processors are inter-connected via nodes. Each participant can maintain information pertaining to their customers and reward point balances on the blockchain. The acquirer or the processor can facilitate the usage of reward points over a vast chain of issuers. Accrual and redemption of reward points can be conducted seamlessly over blockchain, thus providing real-time settlement of points and status reports.

Quartz brings to you Smart Solutions for the Retail industry:

  • Managing Reward Points on Blockchain - The Reward Points solution helps create a powerful ecosystem in which issuers of reward points (banks, merchants etc), and the acquirer/payment processor can operate as nodes on the Blockchain. Each participating issuer can maintain information pertaining to their customers/members and their point balances on the blockchain. The acquirer/payment processor can facilitate the use of reward points across a vast chain of issuers thus providing flexibility to the customer in using the points. A combination of reward points/funds can therefore be accrued and redeemed seamlessly on blockchain. 

We, at Quartz, are continuously innovating and look to bring to you solutions for Wallets and many more. Watch this space for more updates. For a demo on Quartz, please reach out to us at

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