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Quartz™ - Decentralized Solutions for Enterprises and Ecosystems
Watch a video on how Quartz Solutions can help industries decentralize ecosystems, foster trust, transparency and allow timely access of data to all stakeholders.
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Decentralized distributed ledgers offers a trustless environment for data and creates benefits for entire valuechain across industries and environments. Quartz provides a set of enterprise DLT solutions designed for co-existence, integration and interoperability with the right blend of on-chain and off-chain applications. Watch the video here.

Also, do listen to QuartzCast, a series of podcasts from Quartz about the vision, deployments and technologies driving blockchain and DLT adoption across industries.

Episode 1 | Episode 2 | Episode 3Episode 4Episode 5 | Episode 6

QuartzCast is available on Apple | Google | Libsyn | Spotify.


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