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Refinitiv Transforms Order Fulfillment
Alan Bronowicz, Head of Business Process Management and Quote-to-Cash Transformation, Refinitiv, describes how TCS has been critical to the company’s latest digital transformation program –automation of the quote-to-cash process.
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Experience Results

Alan regards TCS as critical in digitalizing and automating the quote-to-cash process. Lauding TCS’ workmanship, he says, “The results so far have been pretty incredible when you compare to how we used to do things earlier, which was highly manual.“

Experience Leadership

Remarking on how effective TCS has been as the company’s technology partner, Alan says, “TCS being our technology partner, we depend fully on them to help us with solutions and tools in making sure we have got the right things in place.  TCS shows a lot of interest in understanding the underlying customer challenges or problems or what  we’re trying to solve or how we’re trying to improve the customer experience.“

Experience Partnership

Alan talks about the trust they place in the partnership with TCS. He says, “TCS is a true partner who come into the early stages of the process to understand the customer needs and work with us to build the right outcomes and the right solutions. We really fully trust TCS that they know our systems well and they can come up with the right solutions, much better than we can.”


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