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Refinitiv Transforms Order-to-Cash Cycle

TCS’ Salesforce-based automation solution shortens the lead-to-cash cycle 

Refinitiv (Formerly Thomson Reuters)
Communications, Media, and Information Services
Salesforce, Automation


Refinitiv aimed for fully automated order fulfillment to enhance customer experience.

As a leading provider of financial data to buy-side and sell-side firms, Refinitiv (formerly the Financial & Risk division of Thomson Reuters) receives thousands of customer inquiries and orders on a daily basis.

The company’s legacy systems and processes involved considerable manual intervention and were therefore time-consuming for customer administration teams who were responsible for processing orders globally. Moreover, this dependency on customer administration teams drove longer than ideal turnaround times for entitling data and delivering order forms to customers.




TCS adopts Salesforce based-automation, enabling a smooth order-to-cash process.

With TCS as the technology partner, Refinitiv reengineered its order-to-cash process. TCS worked closely with Refinitiv’s business and IT teams to conduct a thorough gap analysis of the existing process. Consequently, it proposed a Salesforce automation solution to replace the manual work being done by customer admin staff.  In this new setup, the customer master and ordering system continued to be on Siebel and SAP respectively, but the two were bridged using the Salesforce platform.  The work that customer admins were performing to date – the entire drill of retrieving customer data from Siebel, mapping it to the order data in SAP and processing the request for closure and billing – was now carried out in just a few simple clicks!


A shorter order-to-cash process delights Refinitiv's sales users and customers alike.

With the new setup, Refinitiv has simplified the complex order fulfillment process, streamlined contract management and eliminated pricing irregularities; much to the delight of the company’s sales representatives who can now close deals quicker than before.

Not only has the sales cycle shortened, but the transaction experience of customers has also immensely improved; thanks to a self-service tool launched by Refinitiv called License Management.


Customer accounts successfully migrated


Users trained


Enhancements delivered


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