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Using TCS 5I Model to Strengthen Drug Safety and Make it Patient-Centric

TCS 5i model future proofs the drug safety sector to service patients better.

TCS 5i framework re-imagines the drug safety landscape and presents a unified approach to address the challenges in following way: it integrates insights, inquires and works with R&D to gain relevant information, identifies safety concerns, improves show risks are addressed, and informs by devising a communication strategy.

Scientific advancements & digital technologies have created new opportunities for modernizing drug safety.

Debashis Ghosh

President – Life Sciences, Healthcare, Government and Energy Business Group, TCS

Amit Saxena

Head - Strategic Initiatives, Life Sciences, TCS

Dr. Rajgopal Srinivasan

Prinicipal Scientist, Head of Bio-IT R&D Innovation Labs, Hyderabad, TCS

Anil Lele

Head, Pharmaceutical Analytics Services Life Sciences Business Unit, TCS


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