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Transforming Investment Advisory with Cognitive Contextual Search

A cognitive search framework can drive better advisory and customer experience

Arriving at the right investment recommendation involves manually scanning numerous documents in search of relevant information. The process is manual, long-drawn-out, and error prone, often resulting in dissatisfied clients. This underscores the need for replacing the traditional keyword based search with a system that has the capability to quickly analyze enormous amounts of data and deliver the insights necessary for accurate investment advisory. A search engine built on cognitive computing technology with contextual search capability is the answer. By adopting cognitive contextual search engines, investment firms can

  • Enhance experience; win loyalty and trust of customers
  • Raise advisor productivity
  • Make smarter investment decisions and enhance the quality of advisory
Anusha Sivaramakrishnan

Domain Consultant, Investment Management Group, Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance, TCS

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