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Mayuri Duggirala
Senior Scientist

Mayuri Duggirala is a senior scientist with the Behavior, Business, and Social Sciences Research team at TCS R&I. At BBSS, her work focuses on the applications of behavioral science research to various problems of interest to the organization and the larger stakeholder ecosystem. In particular, Mayuri works on examining well-being and its many facets and areas of impact using a technology-driven approach. Her work in BBS research also focuses on applications of fine grained behavioral modeling and simulation, technology-enabled behavioral measurement and change, serious games and service design for behavior change. Her recent work spans well-being and related areas such as stress, productivity, engagement, employee satisfaction, etc.

Mayuri holds a Ph.D. (Management) from the Indian Institute of Technology Madras with an academic background in applied psychology and organizational behavior. She has also worked in the areas of technology-mediated learning, healthcare services quality, and IT-enabled services research, technology adoption, learning etc.

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