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Vinay Kulkarni
Research and Innovation

Vinay Kulkarni is a Chief Scientist and Head of Software Systems Research at Tata Consultancy Services (TCS). His research interests include model-driven software engineering, enterprise modelling and software engineering for uncertain world. His work in model driven software engineering has led to a toolset that has been used to deliver several large business-critical systems over the past 20 years. Much of this work has found way into OMG standards, some of which Vinay contributed to in a leadership role. This work also received fair mention in respected international print media. He has several patents to his credit and has authored more than 100 papers in scholastic journals and conferences worldwide. He has served as the conference and program chairperson for the premier ACM and IEEE international conferences in the area of software engineering; and is on technical program committees of many international conferences. Recently, he was inducted as Fellow of Indian National Academy of Engineering. An alumnus of Indian Institute of Technology Madras, Vinay also serves as Visiting Professor at Middlesex University, London.




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