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Reimagining the Enterprise Operations Model

Driving a silo-breaking, digital-native approach to operations transformation

Enterprises undergoing digital transformation must go beyond technology change and modernize their operating models to scale digitally, according to an Everest Group study commissioned by TCS.

This report explores how both traditional and digital-native enterprises get trapped in a ‘digital dip’, experiencing limited digital success because of siloed enterprise operations. The journey to a reimagined digital-native operating model enables organizations to:

  • Achieve digital scale with a balanced focus on operating models and technology changes
  • Break siloed, fragmented approach to technology transformation with a comprehensive IT and operations framework leveraging agility, analytics, automation and cloud
  • Transform operating models through multi-stakeholder conversations at the board level, which requires culture change, access to differentiated talent and long-term commitment
  • Implement the right transformation approach -- considering business health, industry disruption and digital talent availability