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Airports cannot afford to remain shut even in a crisis like the COVID pandemic when airlines remain grounded. They have to incur high fixed costs on maintenance and operation of the infrastructure components. It is, therefore, imperative that they diversify the array of non-aeronautical revenues that account for 40% of total revenue. As customers become digitally savvy and spend more time on devices, airports can embark on growth and transformation by leveraging a connected ecosystem of partners to create exponential value for businesses and seamless experience for customers. A re-imagined revenue-sharing business model, enabled through an innovative collaborative platform, can revitalize airports hit hard by the COVID-19 crisis and deliver desired outcomes for air transport value chain, customers, and relevant partners, too.
Ramesh Babu

Domain Consultant, Travel, Transportation and Hospitality, TCS

Romil Shah

Research Analyst, Corporate Marketing Research, TCS

Elakya Karthikeyan

Business Analyst, Travel, Transportation and Hospitality, TCS


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