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Parametric insurance is a way to innovation in the sector

Dynamic changes are making risk unpredictable, difficult to model, and assess, in turn creating gaps in coverage. Parametric insurance has emerged as an effective vehicle to offer certainty and mitigate the protection gap. Capital providers too prefer parametric insurance as they are not required to understand the complexities of the inherent risk vis-à-vis the assets, they invest in. Consequently, insurers are revisiting the existing parametric products to make them more comprehensive and provide innovative coverage.

Some of the changing facets of parametric insurance include:

  • Expanding ability to cover uninsurable risks
  • Technology in insurance has advanced further in areas such as wearables, geolocation, AI systems and more, which facilitate the evolution of smart ecosystems and connected insurance models
Srivathsan Karanai Margan

Domain Consultant, Insurance Research and Innovation Lab, BFSI, TCS


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