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Today, patient health is increasingly monitored remotely. This has its advantages as does cloud computing that enables such service. However, despite the benefits of having patient information on the cloud, some gaps in service remain:

  • Massive volume increases latency so information is not accessed quickly

  • Data -security

  • Increased costs for storage on the cloud

Several healthcare companies are exploring the option of fog computing. This option decentralizes storage and processing of data. 

TCS Solution

The massive volume of patient information on the cloud has made data storage and management difficult. Fog computing addresses these challenges by connecting a single mobile app that supports multiple protocols to the network, in turn integrating all monitoring devices. A ‘fogging’ setup allows providers to:

  • Continuously monitor data from multiple devices such as blood pressure monitor, pulseoximeter, and weighing scale.

Apart from recording, our offering infers pattern from data to predict ‘events’ in real time. If certain health thresholds have been crossed, alerts and notifications are sent to concerned stakeholders. This enables proper response and take remedial actions.


  • Enable focused preventive care through alerts to care takers

  • Provide access to updated patient information round-the-clock

  • Reduce strain on bandwidth so is more dependable

  • Enable patients to store and manage their records

  • Is a vendor-agnostic solution

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