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Reshaping the Retail Industry Paradigm through AI – from Harvard Business Review Analytic Services sponsored by TCS

The Harvard Business Review Analytic Services explores how AI can fuel new ways of retailing

Retailers worldwide are realizing that solving business challenges using traditional solutions needs a revisit with new-age retailing calling for superior, new, differentiated capabilities and dexterity. This can be realized by harnessing the power of data and re-imagining entire value chains through automation and intelligence, paving the way for an algorithmic enterprise that resonates with Business 4.0 behaviors of embracing risk, rehearsing the future, and, exploring un-chartered terrain for growth.

Pratik Pal

President and Global Head, Retail, Consumer Goods, Travel, Transportation, and Hospitality, Tata Consultancy Services

the whitepaper "Reshaping Retail Industry"

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