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Retailers are moving to omni-channel and real-time retail, transforming business models, processes, channels, and pricing strategies. Stores are being re-imagined with interactive store architecture, augmented reality, IoT, and NFC. Consumers demand flexibility, better experience, and more channels to engage with them more frequently. Retailers need to engage with customers, monitor social media platforms, offer targeted promotions, and leverage competitive price monitoring capabilities.

TCS Solution

in an omni-channel world by delivering a seamless shopping experience.

We enable social shopping and analytics-driven personalization to create a truly customer-centric business. We leverage our deep domain expertise and experience gained by partnering with leading retailers across the globe, to offer retailers a full deck of services across merchandising, store and supply chain operations.

Our Digital Operations Studio offers capabilities ranging from Merchandising, Pricing and Promotion, Digital Creatives, Digital Marketing, Business Command Center, and Customer Engagement.


  • Reduce turnaround times, enabling faster time-to-market

  • Enhance customer experience and improve NPS

  • Ensure hassle-free shopping with rich and appropriate content

  • Improve transparency and visibility through operations redesign

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