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The current ecommerce modernization trends are giving rise to a new generation of commerce and content-driven solutions. Just a move to headless commerce alone may not be enough to be a part of this trend. When evaluating options for digital transformation, enterprises need to take into consideration some key components that will drive their future capabilities. Only composing those components together in a modern commerce architecture will help business and digital commerce teams to realize the agility and flexibility they need to succeed.

This paper discusses how modern architecture that comes with infused intelligence; modular, mobile-first, modern front-end; microservices-based composable commerce services; and OpenAPI-based design, cloud-first approach with easily expandable partner ecosystem can help enterprises transform to a more intelligent, scalable, and flexible architecture for business agility.

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Balaji Raghavan 
Digital transformation head, Retail architecture and technology, TCS

Balaji Paulraj 
Digital commerce consultant, Retail architecture and technology, TCS


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