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A quality product is no longer enough to win the loyalty of shoppers making purchases online. Their expectations from retailers and products are aligned to their personal values, including social and environmental, resulting in a major shift to green commerce.

Studies suggest that amid rising green consumerism, retailers can increase sales by adopting sustainable practices. Shoppers passionate about the planet want to buy products from brands advocating sustainability.

The present-day e-commerce solutions focus more on personalized customer journey orchestrations, failing to advocate practices that will make shoppers contribute to a greener online commerce.

This white paper prescribes a framework to drive sustainability with AI-powered customer journey orchestrations that nudge changes in shoppers’ purchase behaviors. The framework aims at predicting shoppers’ behaviors and suggest effective means to make them a part of this sustainability journey for a better planet.

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R Murali
Retail/CPG/Travel group CTO, TCS

Bala Karthik Baskaran 
Europe head, retail architecture and technology, TCS


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