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Post COVID Back to Work Strategies: Reality Check for Financial Services

Defining a safe back-to-work strategy considering business imperatives and risks

The COVID-19 pandemic has fundamentally changed the way the financial services industry functions. While business heads and leaders rushed to implement business continuity plans to keep the lights on, millions of employees switched to remote working. However, as the pandemic recedes and normal economic activity resumes, financial institutions will need to start planning their post COVID-19 back-to-work strategy, prioritizing workplace health and safety.

Most banks are yet to announce a date for their workforce to return to the workplace. However, some banks have begun to draw up their back-to-work strategy to resume normal business operations and are establishing guidelines to ensure a hassle-free transition. As banks prepare to implement their post COVID-19 back-to-work strategies, they must:

  • Ensure employee safety

  • Evaluate business services and identify those that need to be located at the workplace

  • Obtain buy-in from key stakeholders

  • Adopt a phased back to work strategy

  • Ensure effective governance and communication

Rajnish V Palande

Business Head, US South East and LATAM, Banking Financial Services and Insurance, TCS

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