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CPG companies are facing immense pressure on their growth and profitability due to various factors – consumers buying lower-priced private-label products, competition from startups with new brands gaining market share from incumbents and the need to run extensive promotions in a competitive market eroding profit margins. To address these challenges, net revenue management is a strategic imperative.


TCS RevenuePrime™ is a proven net revenue management solution that helps CPG companies improve their top and bottom line growth. The key levers driving revenue and profit growth for CPG companies are pricing, promotion, product mix, trade investment and price pack architecture. Traditionally, CPG companies have been addressing these in siloes. TCS RevenuePrime helps to bring all the different components together at enterprise scale. 

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3 - 5 %

Improvement in price mix through pricing insights

15 %

Improvement in promotion ROI

20 %

Optimization in trade investment allocation and improvement in trade investment compliance

3 %

Improvement in outlet revenue

30 %

Faster time to insights through cross functional data sets at scale and speed

2 - 5 %

Increase in revenue and profit