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Hybrid Cloud: A Way Forward for Risk Analytics Computation in Banks

Cloud adoption for risk management: A game changer for banks 

Calculation of risk measures in banks is compute-intensive and needs significant hardware capacity. What-if scenario analyses undertaken during stressed market conditions add to the pressure. To meet these needs, banks either maintain excess infrastructure incurring huge fixed costs or limit infrastructure use thereby constraining the risk function during times of market stress.

Hybrid cloud models can help address the periodic surges in compute requirements by transferring peak workloads to the public or private cloud allowing banks to flexibly and cost-effectively scale hardware capacity. Before taking on cloud adoption for risk computation, banks must consider cost and security implications and ensure compliance with applicable regulations. Adopting an intelligent cloud framework with the capability to automatically and securely transfer the computation to the cloud when the peak load is reached will be the way forward. Risk computation on the cloud can deliver big benefits:

  • Reduction in TCO
  • Enhanced business performance
  • Security and environment consistency
Nishant Kumar

Domain Consultant, Risk Practice, Banking, Financial Services and Insurance, TCS

Rajesh Kulkarni

Solution Consultant, High Performance Computing group, Cognitive Business Operations, TCS

Amit Kalele

Technology Lead, High Performance Computing group, Cognitive Business Operations, TCS

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