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More tech, More miles

TCS’ This Run Tech Survey reveals tech is powering runners through the pandemic. The survey was geared towards uncovering running technology trends amid COVID-19 and helping shape how TCS can best support runners and races in the future.

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Responses from more than 1,200 runners across the U.S. revealed that runners have enthusiastically embraced technology since the pandemic. Key survey findings include:  

  • One out of every three runners (34%) is using technology more since the pandemic. 

  • Adoption rates of running tech, including smart watches, augmented reality devices, smart footwear or socks, and hydration/nutrition apps, jumped an average of 50%. 

  • Two out of three respondents (64%) said they would run a ‘bit more’ or ‘significantly more’ if they had access to a range of future running technologies, including smart apparel that automatically adjusts to performance/conditions (75%), skin patches that assess hydration (64%), and bionic limbs or exoskeletons (50%).  

    To learn more, visit This Run Tech Survey page. 


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