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We believe in ideas. The big ones. The can't-be-done ones.  
The ones that make cynics say "no way." 
We believe there IS a way but none of us gets there on our own.  
We believe if we show up. others will, too. 
We believe if you give you get back even more. 
We believe in hitting walls and breaking through to the other side.  
We believe that struggle is proof that you're still going. 
We believe in purpose over pace. 
We believe in resiliency. Sustainability. And sticking around for the long haul 
We believe we can do hard things. 
We believe every moment of glory stands on the shoulders of a million ordinary ones.  
We believe in challenging our bodies, our minds, and the way things have always been done. 
We believe there's always more we can learn, and more we can do. 
We believe the run can save tomorrow as much as it saves today. 
We believe the winner in all this is the human spirit. 
We believe if you put one foot in front of the other, your head and heart will follow.
We believe there's nothing we can't do, together.



For years, TCS has been bringing in new innovations to the world of running. But how did our unique association with fitness and healthy living begin? How did this initiative encourage our employees and inspire global communities to lead a better lifestyle? Watch the Origin Story video and discover TCS' story of belief in the health and wellness space.  

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From New York to London, Amsterdam, Australia, India, and more, across race tracks, running courses and arenas, watch how TCS is showing up across the globe, supporting athletes and communities thought sports sponsorships.


Canberra Times Running Festival

April 11, 2021

Canberra, Australia 



TCS Lidingöloppet

September 24, 2021




Virgin Money London Marathon

October 3, 2021

London, United Kingdom 



Bank of America Chicago Marathon

October 11, 2021

Chicago, USA 



Boston Marathon

October 11, 2021

Boston, USA



City2Surf (14K)​

October 17, 2021

Sydney, Australia​



        TCS Amsterdam Marathon 

October 17, 2021




TCS New York City Marathon

November 7, 2021
Virtual: Oct 23-Nov7, 2021

New York, USA



       Tata Mumbai Marathon


Mumbai, India



TCS World 10K Bangalore


Bangalore, India


Running on Belief 

Here's to those who push their bodies and minds to achieve something beyond the ordinary. Here's to millions of runners who are unstoppable and celebrate the indomitable human spirit. Supporting marathons around the world, TCS believes anything is possible when we build on belief. 






TCS to Enrich London Marathon Experience Through Technology as New Title Partner

TCS Signs Six-year Partnership with Iconic Mass Sporting Event; to Make the Event Even More Accessible and Inclusive




TCS, Building on Belief

At TCS, we go beyond helping businesses transform through technology. We help them make a meaningful difference. Translating their aspiration into reality.

Building on their ambition and optimism to transform their business for the better. So their contribution is felt by their customers and the communities they serve. At TCS, we instill hope into business and trust into enterprise.