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IMF supporting a culture of running and well-being in Indigenous Australia with TCS powered mobile app
Rob de Castella, founder and director of the Indigenous Marathon Foundation (IMF), discusses how the new IMF-Deadly Running Connect app (IMF-DRC), developed with TCS in Australia, has digitally enhanced a culture of running and well-being amongst indigenous Australians.
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Indigenous Marathon Foundation
Sports and Sponsorship

“Technology is being used to benefit remote communities, and give kids the opportunity to grow and learn through something as simple as running. At IMF, the recently introduced TCS IMF-DRC app is proving to be an outstanding enabler of our nation-wide program, helping bring our community closer via technology.”

- Rob de Castella, Founder and Director of the Indigenous Marathon Foundation

Experience Results

The Indigenous Marathon Foundation-Deadly Running Connect app (IMF-DRC) developed to track running training in Indigenous Australia is one of its kind. It helps to address chronic disease, build pride, create inspirational Indigenous leaders and create awareness of the importance of looking after yourself in remote communities.

The app opens up opportunities for individual runners to be a part of the online Deadly Running community and in doing so provides indigenous Australians all over the country with a supportive environment, focused on building enthusiasm, motivation and awareness about health and wellbeing.

Experience Partnership

“TCS has perfectly designed the app with input from Indigenous communities to make it relevant and culturally appropriate as a resource that measures levels of physical activity and encourages participation is a healthy lifestyle.”- Rob se Castella

Experience Leadership

The IMF is one of the 8 recipients of the Tata Consultancy Services 2017 Community Innovation Program - helping Aussie not for profits build a brighter future through the exchange of in kind services and the use of technology to solve community problems.

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