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Accelerating the Journey to SaaSification

How platform-driven business models are transforming technology & services firms

The technology and services industry has been shifting from traditional models of selling and consuming software to an everything-as-a-service (XaaS) model or software-as-a-service platform. Though SaaSification was already widely adopted, especially among software firms, the 2020 pandemic accelerated that journey. Migrating to SaaS has helped enterprises become resilient, enabled faster customer acquisition, and reduced costs, as focus has shifted from capex to opex. As enterprises SaaSify their offerings on the long and complex road to SaaSification, they must:

  • Align IT processes with business strategies.
  • Build SaaS platforms using modern architectures and cloud-native capabilities.
  • Fast-track new platform development or migration using proven architectures, methodologies, and reusable components.
  • Deploy analytics to generate user insights about products and services.
  • Automate coordination activities so human capital efforts can be deployed in decision making.
Spandan Mahapatra

Chief Technology Officer, HiTech Business Unit, TCS

Gajanan Kamble

Head, Software Product Engineering Services and Business Cluster of the Software Segment, HiTech Business Unit, TCS


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