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As enterprises look to transforming their sales and marketing portfolios, customer engagement can be affected due to misdirected targeting efforts and duplication in marketing campaigns. This can result in unnecessary marketing costs because the same customer pool is being targeted multiple times. Further, the absence of a unified customer view and aligned multi-channel marketing efforts can decrease conversion rates and lead to high customer churn. Customers also become disengaged when targeted for the wrong product, reducing customer loyalty, and making the campaign less effective.

TCS Solution

TCS Sales and Marketing Analytics enable hyper-personalized customer experiences with marketing channel optimization through digital adoption and multi-channel contextual marketing. The solution facilitates data-driven analytical interventions across customer life cycle and ensures customer retention and low churn rate. Key features include:

  • Next-best action framework: Achieve hyper-personalization and customer experience enhancement through a dynamic recommendation engine
  • Campaign optimizer: Maximize ROI and minimize costs
  • Customer retention index: Integrate multiple objective evolutionary algorithms for customer retention by supporting proactive and reactive mitigation efforts
  • Channel attribution: Allocate optimum marketing budgets across different channels
  • Pricing optimizer: Support different risk-based and incentive-oriented pricing actions
  • Logfile analyzer: Drive real-time prediction and prevention actions on user transactions
  • Asset allocation framework: Enhance customer experience, maximize revenue, and minimize volatility of wealth portfolios with reusable algorithms or assets


With TCS’ Sales and Marketing Analytics, enterprises can benefit from:

  • 40-60% increase in sales with framework-driven prioritized prospect list for multiple channels
  • 60-80% lower marketing costs and improved conversions with the elimination of duplicate campaigns and redundant messaging
  • Higher customer satisfaction through targeted offers, services, and products that are need-based and need-aligned, resulting in lower complaints
  • Reduced turnaround time by capturing customers’ digital footprints and service preferences, and providing customized products and recommendations
  • Increased employee engagement and productivity with customized campaigns for outbound contact programs





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