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DuPont E&I Streamlines Customer Service

Integrated platform improves customer experience, enables data-backed decisions

DuPont Electronics & Industrial
Manufacturing Industrials
Enterprise Applications Partner Ecosystem

DuPont is a global technology leader, serving industries including electronics, transportation, construction, water, healthcare and worker safety. DuPont applies diverse science and expertise to help customers deliver essential innovations and aims to be valued as their ‘partner of choice’.

DuPont Electronics & Industrial (E&I), one of DuPont’s three businesses, identified an opportunity to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of its service and support as part of its commitment to be a partner of choice. Multiple DuPont E&I teams are often involved in engaging directly with customers, depending on their needs.

With legacy applications spread across multiple systems, it was becoming increasingly difficult for DuPont E&I to have a comprehensive view of customer requests and issues. Support monitoring and service metrics reporting was a challenge as data needed to be merged and transformed from all the disparate systems. The business wanted a unified platform to capture customer requests and issues, and route them to the applicable teams while providing a holistic view of the corrective and preventive actions to be taken in real time.

When presented with these challenges, the TCS team worked with DuPont E&I to identify the underlying issues and designed a solution that could be globally scalable while catering to local needs. To ensure that the application would help grow business over time and support an omnichannel digital experience, the TCS team targeted key areas for immediate benefit as well as future capabilities.

TCS designed, built and deployed the Salesforce Service Cloud, Quality Case Management processes and Customer Community Cloud. These solutions, in conjunction with their e-commerce solutions, leveraged existing CRM best practices while enabling the standardized business service capabilities on the platform, providing a broader view of customer inquiries in allowing business teams to make data-driven decisions and support teams to resolve customer issues more quickly, accurately and efficiently.

The solution is allowing DuPont E&I to gain a more comprehensive view of customer requests across various service-related touchpoints such as inquiries, orders, and issue management. The solution is also helping to manage all requests and issues in real time through service and status reports and dashboards. This is increasing productivity and reducing efforts by minimizing repetitive tasks with the help of features such as quick text, templates, and macros. DuPont E&I continues to expand their use and capabilities of Salesforce Service Cloud, Customer Community Cloud, and e-commerce solution to enhance customer experience.


TCS helps DuPont transform customer support and enhance productivity with Salesforce

TCS’ suite of solutions has resulted in:

  • Improved customer service levels
  • Modern digital experiences
  • Highly responsive customer interactions
  • Additional contact channel options for customers
  • Enhance productivity and provide continuous improvement
  • Create a high-performance service operating model

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