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Cargotec Empowers Technicians On-the-Move

TCS executes cutting-edge mobility solution to increase responsiveness and efficiency.

Mobility SAP Services


Cargotec’s service slowed down by limited inventory visibility, inefficient processes.

Cargotec’s mobile service technicians perform preventive maintenance and repairs on their cargo-moving equipment. The technicians used paper-based systems to service and track their field work at customers’ locations in Sweden and remote parts of Finland.

They were dependent on back office staff, whom they contacted by cell phone to receive work order requests, update customer records, and order parts. Their limited ability to locate the required parts and manage inventories affected their response times. They needed more efficient service orders and quick visibility into inventory data.


TCS implements system for mobile service technicians to access data anytime, anywhere.

TCS evaluated and analyzed various mobility solutions to maximize the utilization of existing Cargotec systems and processes, and minimize integration costs. To enable global process streamlining, we selected an SAP-based framework.

Our solution seamlessly integrated Cargotec's existing back-end processes with SAP Mobile Platform (Sybase Unwired Platform) to overlay their data sources and enhance them with mobile-specific scenarios and interfaces.

We facilitated data synchronization and offline usage, integration with Outlook and native devices, and printing capabilities.

“TCS’ total commitment from analysis to execution was commendable.”

Pekka Mikkola, Director of IT, Cargotec

Using Mobile Business Objects, we obtained a common view of all their data sources, greatly reducing the complexity and cost of accessing each source. They now have the ability to order parts, manage inventory, report time and costs, generate reports, and update customer records, using their laptops.

We developed middleware objects and user interfaces to be platform-agnostic, supporting any future changes seamlessly.

Cargotec realizes improved customer orientation, responsiveness, and satisfaction.

Service technicians are now self-sufficient, empowered by accelerated order processes and reduced data-capture errors. Near real-time inventory information has enabled quick sourcing and increased resource utilization, leading to value optimization.


less effort by support staff


faster turnaround time

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