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With digitalization gathering pace, enterprises are looking to redefine their business models with a focus on customers, value proposition, capabilities, and finance. Several enterprises are leveraging next-gen ERP capabilities through SAP S/4HANA as their intelligent enterprise foundation. They can choose either a greenfield digital transformation journey or adopt the system conversion path to establish a digital core leveraging SAP S/4HANA.

TCS Solution

Equipped with an assessment framework, a robust core and modular approach, TCS ConvertCore helps enterprises establish an outcome-driven conversion roadmap. With the flexibility to choose from a simple or hybrid conversion, the solution comes with pre-defined proof of concept, mandatory changes deployment, pre-identified SAP Fiori content, industry-specific accelerators, and comprehensive conversion master repository.

TCS ConvertCore offers a built-in modular approach that allows enterprises to drive incremental business value. It comprises value drivers such as cloud adoption, system consolidation, user experience enhancement, process simplification, and functionality improvement. and pave a solid foundation to their digital transformation journey.


By leveraging TCS ConvertCore for their digital transformation journeys, organizations across the globe can achieve the following benefits:

  • Achieve faster time-to-market by accelerating the conversion journey up to 40%
  • Gain lead-time advantage by leveraging automation and industry-specific accelerators
  • Build a foundation for an intelligent enterprise for scalability and continuous innovations
  • Generate incremental business value with modular approach
  • Create outcome-driven model to improve predictability
  • Ensure business continuity by minimizing disruptions

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