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Scottish Water Sails Through Brutal Winters

TCS’ intelligent emergency response solution saves over £12 million in one season.

Scottish Water
Managed Support Services, Development Services, Consultancy

Harsh winters impede services for Scottish Water, customers left dissatisfied.

Brutal winters in Scotland often cause water pipes to freeze and burst. As a result, customers of Scottish Water, a large water utility in the UK, suffered from supply interruptions, low water pressure, and contamination threats. With limited staff, they struggled to deal with these challenges. Their call centers were unable to handle the 600-800% jump in call volumes, leading to a drop in customer satisfaction. They had to supply expensive bottled water to thousands of customers, and attracted stiff fines and a lot of negative publicity.


TCS develops proactive, multichannel solution to coordinate disaster response effectively.

TCS empowered Scottish Water with an intelligent emergency response solution that integrates geospatial tools and analytics to ensure they met their customers’ expectations.

We established a flexible framework with multichannel capabilities. This enabled them to automatically retrieve customer complaints from email and Web channels, create service orders, and dispatch them to their field staff. Our solution communicates proactively with customers and regularly updates them through their cell phones.

“TCS is always looking for ways to drive performance, innovate...”

Tom Porteous, Head of Customer Services, Scottish Water

We leveraged predictive diagnostics in combination with the Customer Relationship Management system to offer real-time alerts and predictive warnings. Through customer sensitivity analysis, we also enabled Scottish Water to personalize their customers’ experience. Our Business Process Management portal allowed flexibility, so that temporary workers and volunteers could readily access a ‘lite’ version of corporate applications in a secure environment.

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